Unintended Pregnancy? We're Here to Help

    My Choice Pregnancy Services at New Beginnings Center of Hope 

3 Key Questions

Is my Pregnancy viable?

One in five pregnancies end before 7 weeks. It's important to make sure that your pregnancy is actually within your uterus and not in one of your Fallopian tubes. When that occurs it is called an "ectopic pregnancy" which is a very dangerous situation that requires medical care. An Ultrasound can help you rule out the possibility of a dangerous ectopic pregnancy.

How Far along am I?

Your gestational age determines your due date and impacts your pregnancy options, specifically the cost and type of abortion that you could be eligible for. Only an Ultrasound can accurately determine gestational age.

Do I have a Sexually Transmitted Infection?

Knowing if you have been exposed to a sexually transmitted infection is vitally important to your reproductive heath and the health of your unborn child.

Clinical Pregnancy Test

During your visit you will be seen by a nurse who will speak with you about your health history, perform a clinical pregnancy test that will let you know if you have the hormone indicating pregnancy in your urine and confirm that your pregnancy is viable by performing an ultrasound exam.

Ultrasound Exam

If your test is positive the nurse will schedule an ultrasound exam to determine if your pregnancy is viable and to determine how far along you are in your pregnancy.

Options Counseling

The Nurse / MD will provide medically accurate information regarding all your pregnancy options including abortion procedures, risks and side effects. She will also answer any questions you may have and give you a personalized list of essential services you can receive at our Center and referrals for health care, insurance and other community resources that may be of help to you.  


All services at NBCOH are free of charge. We are a non profit organization and as such we do not profit from any pregnancy decision you make. We have intentionally structured our organization to enable us to provide unbiased information without a financial conflict of interest. And we’ll do it in a caring, non-judgmental way within a warm safe environment.