Unintended Pregnancy? We're Here to Help

    My Choice Pregnancy Services at New Beginnings Center of Hope 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need my parents consent to use your services?

Parental consent and parental escort not required for you to use our services. Additionally all information you provide or care you

receive is confidential.

2. Do I have to pay or have insurance to get a pregnancy test , counseling, or an ultrasound?

No, all services provided at New Beginnings Center of Hope are provided at no cost to you. We are a non-profit organization that is intentionally structured so that we do not make money on any pregnancy decision that you make. We have intentionally structured our organization this way so that we can provide unbiased information without a financial conflict of interest. And we’ll do it in a caring, non-judgmental way within a warm safe environment.

3. What is a Pre-Termination evaluation?

The pre termination evaluation provides vital information that can assist you in deciding the outcome of your pregnancy. If you think you might be unexpectedly pregnant and considering an abortion, our free pre-termination can help you make the pregnancy decision that is right for you. during this evaluation you will meet our RN she will

Speak with you about your health history

Discuss the components of the exam(ie clinical pregnancy test, ultrasound exam and STD testing)

Obtain your written consent

Perform a clinical pregnancy test.

Perform an ultrasound exam to confirm your pregnancy and determine how far along you are

Review all your pregnancy options including abortion procedures, risks and side effects

Address your concerns,help you process your options and provide you with resources that will support your pregnancy decision. 

4. Why is an ultrasound necessary if a pregnancy test has already told me that I am pregnant?

While pregnancy tests can tell you that HCG (a hormone released by your body when you are pregnant) is present they can not tell you if your pregnancy will actually result in the birth of a child. According to one fourth of all pregnancies end in natural miscarriage or occur in a place other than the uterus. HCG can remain in your body for a period of time resulting in a positive pregnancy test even after a miscarriage has occurred or if your pregnancy is occurring in your Fallopian tubes or another area outside of your uterus. A ultrasound is the only reliable way to verify that you have a viable pregnancy and tell you how far along you are. This is essential information that you will need in order to make an informed pregnancy decision that is right for you. An ultrasound exam is offered to you free of charge when your pregnancy test is positive and you are not obligated to use any of the other services we offer once you receive your results.

5. Can I bring my boyfriend to my appointment , if he wants to come?

Absolutely, at our Center we recognize that there may be more than one person involved in a pregnancy decision and we have male C.A.R.E. counselors to meet one-on-one with your partner to explore his feelings and concerns regarding the potential pregnancy and to help him work with you to explore your mutual concerns, needs, and pregnancy decision options, so that you can make the pregnancy decision that is right for you.